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We don’t have as wide a variety of butterflies in our area as I’d wish, but we have a few. These are cabbage butterflies and we have lots of them this year! I keep finding them in large groups sitting on moist earth, like where I’ve recently watered plants. This is how they drink.

This group I saw today under my new Zephyrine Drouhin rose :O)

How to Water your Butterflies

Sometimes it is hard for butterflies to find a good place to drink, especially when it is really hot and dry. You can make a butterfly watering hole really easily. I plan to make a few this weekend. All you need is a shallow dish like the saucer for a plant pot, fill it full with sand, add a few tiny stones or a handful of gravel for the butterflies to stand on, and keep the dish filled with water enough to keep the sand moist. Butterflies don’t need a soggy place, just a moist place since they need to becareful not to get their wings too wet. I’ll post a picture when I make mine.

Anyway, I just wanted to share, I thought it was pretty neat to see so many together like this :O)


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